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We want to say a BIG THANX to one of our main supporters. IDEAL BIKES ( is the biggest bike company in Greece and also headquarter of SHIMANO in the Balkans. Almost in our last tour with mountainbikes from Stuttgart, over the Alps, to Athens, they supported us with two absolute professional mountainbikes. The IDEAL BIKES Race Pro where a true companion to us on the way to Greece, without any little problem.

For our trip to Istanbul on 14 th August 2015, we became the ROAD BIKE IDEAL 700C. The complete bike is appoineted with the SHIMANO ULTEGRA SERIES and the weight is about 8 kg. The colors of the bike chooses on the basic colors of Greece.

The company Maniatopoulos Bros S.A. was founded in Patras in 1926, originally as an importer of bicycles and (later) motorbikes. In 1987 it was renamed Nikos Maniatopoulos S.A. The brand Ideal is used since 1977; in 1991 production moved to its present modern factory in Agios Vassileios, while an aggressive export campaign established the brand in over 20 countries. The company maintains very advanced Design, Development and production technology infrastructure and Ideal Bikes is an extremely popular brand, especially in Europe, with a network of distributors throughout the continent.